P400 engine was dyno'd at BD Diesel in 2008 with

215 hp and 470 ft/lbs of torque 

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  Amg P400 or Jetboater

Truck was reluctantly sold as I moved up to a
2012 Denali 2500

1993 Silverado 3500 Dually Extended Cab, Long Box

In 2008 with 176,000kms on truck, added the following: (some costs shown below)

  • The P400 Diesel was purchased from General Engine Products in Franklin Ohio.
    Cost $6,500 USD  
    This engine was designed for Military HUMVEE's.  When fully armored, these Hummers  had a 15,000 lb GVW.... too much for the old 6.5.  The engine I bought was number 61 out of the plant and the first to be planted into a civilian IFS truck in Canada.  
  • Fabricated a custom Oil pan to allow this engine to fit civilian Silverado 4X4.  
    Cost $500 USD 
    I dialogued with a GEP engineer before the pan was designed to ensure I met their areas of concern.
  • DB2-4911 Injector Pump, turned up 25%. 
    Cost $1,000 USD
  • New High Pop Bosch Marine Injectors
    Cost $500 USD
  • New exhaust cross-over
  • New 3” downpipe, and 4” exhaust.
    Cost $600 USD
  • New Glow plugs
  • New 4 core radiator.
    Cost $450 USD
  • HD Clutch Fan and Dual Thermostat cooling system
  • New Oil Cooler with Hydraulic HP lines.
    Cost $400 USD
  • New aftermarket intercooler and Peninsular Diesel intake, and dual 9" pull fans
    Cost $500+ USD
  • Pillar gauges for Tranny Temp, Pyrometer, and Boost.
  • Drive shaft balanced with new Universal joints
  • Extendable Tow Mirrors
  • Audio Head unit with Infinity speakers
  • 2 way CompuSTAR Alarm System with remote entry and monitor
  • Camper tie downs

Later add-ons:

  • HID projector headlights with accent glow ring.
    Cost $500
  • New front BFG A/T 10 ply, Load range E tires.
  • 2 new interstate batteries
  • Upper/lower ball joint, tie rod front end work including torsion rod adjust to factory height.
  • New rear 1 ton spring packs with extra leaf and new overload
  • Firestone air bags
  • New Bilstein shocks
  • 1 ton Hellwig rear sway bar

Miscellaneous pictures of various improvements over the years.